Complicated Shareholding Doc

Hey guys! I’m having trouble with a complicated shareholding doc.

This doc needs to display that through a company, a person may own another company. Sometimes through 1 company, sometimes through many.

Currently there are multiple levels of shareholders. If you go down the list you’ll see that the last person on the list (Simon Charles David Weil) owns the top company (St Asaph 68 Limited) through a bunch of other companies.

I’ve managed to display 2 degrees of separation. St Asaph 68 Limited > Box 112 Investments Limited > Samuel James Rofe

The Owns column needs to display all companies in sequence above.
The Owned By column needs to display all companies in sequence below.

Let me know if you need:

  • Clarification
  • A flowchart
  • More information

@natvoisey have you looked into this Organization Hierarchy Generation/ Org. Chart - could help achieve what you want

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Thanks @Krunal_Sheth! That worked awesomely!!! I managed to fit it to my needs. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::blush:

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