Create a view of a view


Is it possible to create a view of a view, instead of a view of a table?

Let’s say I have a table with 100 rows, and a first view of that table that filters it to 30 rows. I would like to then make five other views of those filtered 30 rows. I want to avoid independently setting up filters in each of the five views; they should all view the same set of data, including when the first view’s filter settings change.


The way I would do this is to set up an interactive filter control, so that you could reuse the filter in each view.

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Thanks, Piet. That does work, though I was thinking of situations with multiple filter criteria and situations where I’m changing the fields used to filter the first view.

In Coda’s equations, I can refer to a view just like I can refer to a table, which is great. I’m hoping there is (or will soon be) a similar functionality for making a view of a view. From my foggy memory of relational databases, this would be akin to how a form can be connected either to a table or to a query. I’m using my first view as a query and my additional views of it as forms.

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