Creating Contracts and Sales orders

Hello I am new to Coda and just trying to wrap my head around creating contracts and sales orders to send to our customers. We currently use Salesforce and our Company is trying to explore Coda as a replacement. Can someone point me in the direction on how to achieve this or a template for sales and marketing that has a way to create a Sales order off a Quote and attach it to the Quote.

HI Jeff,

Welcome to Coda!

You question is a little bit like “How long is a piece of string?”

First though, Coda is an environment to build documents/apps, it is not a CRM system per se. Having said that, there are quite a number of CRM docs in the gallery that you can use as a template. You can then build and enhance for your particular requirements.

Back to your question: It depends on how complex your quotes and sales orders are, whether you send them by email or print them to send by snail mail. How many customers, quotes and sales orders do you create, etc, etc. Do you have a bom that you need to represent.

I am convinced that Coda will be able to do what you need, what I do not know is how much effort your particular set of requirements is gong to take to implement.

Rambling Pete

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Thanks for your reply. Our sales orders are not that complexed however they do have line items and almost all sales have multiple line items. Currently in salesforce our team is able to go to a customer create an opportunity under the opportunity there is a child object called the quote that holds all the information from the sale then they can click a button to generate a Sales order and send it to Adobe Sign for the customer to sign. Not sure coda can do everything I need it to do but if I can come close that would be awesome.

what is the kind of business your in (type of products) and I’ll set up a small example that uses lookup filters to select only related info.
as piet indicated so well, this is very well doable.
cheers, Christiaan

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We sell a software package for a consumer portal we all sell a SaaS product and an auto dialer everything is geared for Collection agency’s

okay @Jeff_Bomar

my rapid feedback goes as follows
you have products and sub products in my table related via a lookup. In the example sub products should start with the same number, thus in the example below you can still select too many sub products

To limit the selection we apply a filter in the lookup, that is not as self evident as I would like it to be, but in this example I used:

More about this kind of filtering here:

hope it helps, cheers, christiaan

and here the link to the doc: example


Thanks for your reply. I guess I am a little lost I. You have a product and a sub product database. so lets say the Starter Pack has a base cost of 100.00 and there are two tiers 0-75 transactions which are 0.00 and 75 and up 0.39 and our customer would also like to purchase additional space which is a different product. I see the Software V1 which would just be the starter pack V1.1 would be the base cost 100.00, V1.2 would be tier one 0.00 and V1.2 would be 0.39. how would add additional products that don’t have a sub product. and then send all that information to a pdf that I could send to Adobe Sign.

well, the pricing is rather easy once you understand how to filter the lookup.

you can create as many products as you wish and a sub product is not a requirement, it is an option.

the last question I cannot answer very well, Coda is not yet so far that it permits us to turn this kind of info intelligently into a pdf for further treatment. however what can be done is filling out a page with base content and variables that respond to the selections made, but then you have manually print that page.

You might want to share a doc with how you see it, that could maybe help you to see what is yet possible. It is getting late in this part of the world. I am out for a bit.

Enjoy, Christiaan


Thanks so much I will play around with the options.

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