How to improve my Billing APP?

Hi Coda Community! I bring you here a simplified version of a quite complex Billing APP that I’m developing for my company.

The idea of this document is to create a bill for a customer with a product list to buy, which is the sent to a database table where it can be modified via a “Modify bill” page

All the important buttons are translated to English (From Spanish) and It’s pretty simple to use.

What I would like to receive feedback about is the “Modify bills” page, which I made in a hurry so I think some of you may find a better way to do it.

Feel free to use anything you want from the document if you are interested, but make sure to leave feedback on how would you improve it :slight_smile:

(It’s a cropped version of my original doc without real data, so some links may be broken but it should be functional)

(Link temporally disabled, sorry)

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This is very interesting, I did not know that you could make a small erp with coda.

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I would suggest to only put one table per page and put related tables on sub pages.

I also would create a table for this one, the result is horitontal values, it is easier to format and maintain.

Bruto          0
Base          0
IVA             0
TOTAL       0

And I like to work with small tables, once you can see directly. The clients table I would split in something like:

  • contact information
  • bank information
  • address info

This provides more flexibility.

I am working on a small CRM for local stores to keep track of their offline sales (based on walk ins, phone calls, app messages etc.) and come accross many of these issues. Only after a while I realised the importance starting with a clear architecture when having all these tables linked :wink: Since I am testing the concept, it is not not too late in my case.

best , christiaan

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I find what you say very useful actually, I already thought about turning that first part into a table, but I hadn’t thought of splitting a table into smaller, easier to understand ones.

Wouldn’t that be harder to use once you want to make reference to a customer’s data that’s separated into two or more tables?

I’m also yet testing the product so It’s not too late to make changes, I’d be really glad to hear more about your experience at creating a CRM, as It’s very similar to what I’m doing.

Let me know if you want to talk, I’m pretty sure we can both take advantage of eachother’s knowledge :slight_smile: