Cross Doc for Clients & Projects

I’ve heard users say “I need to share part of my data with an outside audience and have them interact with it.” This is most commonly in a client project hub with clients in outside docs interacting with their part of the data.

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As I see it, scaling with Cross-doc is always tedious and manual. In the hub model, with each new client you need to set up a new set of views filtered just for them, and set up new connections and sync tables manually in each client’s doc. There’s no way to automate this via API/Zapier yet.

Unless you’re okay with exposing the whole table via cross-doc and hiding other clients’ data on the browser side in those spoke docs.

As for interactivity, it sorta works:

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@John_Coda it looks like when you capture the loom videos on that coda doc that you only captured one google chrome window and didn’t capture your desktop. So when you are switching between docs to show us what you were doing we don’t see any of that work.

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Dear @John_Coda,

As @Benjamin_Bachman mentioned the other screens you mention in your video are not visible, making it more difficult to imagine… ( I don’t know if this will be possible at all in Loom?)

Obviously with the files included in this post you could try to reproduce yourself that what John is explaining! Actual doing is the best to learn :man_student: :woman_student:

Maybe a good subject to organize an Crowdcast on this subject with @maria