Dynamically fill DuplicatePage variables by looking them up in a table


Hopefully somebody can help me figuring out how to do the following.

I want to dynamically fill the DuplicatePage action variables based on rows in a table.

Source Table:

I want to use a dropdown and button to create a subpage based on the template defined in the table.

I have used the following action formula for the button:

Filter([Meeting Type Templates],[Type of meeting]=[Meeting Select] ).[Document Template],
name: WeekdayName([Meeting date])+ ", "+ ToText([Meeting date]),
parentPage: Filter([Meeting Type Templates],[Type of meeting]=[Meeting Select] ).[Parent Page]

I’ve also tried this with a LookUp but I keep getting an error which I can’t figure out how to resolve

Wrong argument type
DuplicatePage expects parameter page to be a canvas, but found [Meeting Type Templates].Filter(,[Type of meeting]=[Type of Meeting Switch 2] ).[Document Template], which can match a column, or a list of text values

So what do I need to do for the DuplicatePage action to accept the dynamic variables?

Any help would be much appreciated :smiley:

Cheers, Ruben