Facebook Live event with FoundersBeta January 16th @ 12PM ET

If you’re building a startup and want to learn how to use Coda to launch your startup, join me and the founder of FoundersBeta next Wednesday, January 16th @ 12PM ET for a Facebook Live event. We’ll be discussing how startups can use Coda, product development, and more. Here is the link to register :metal:, see you on Facebook Live next week!


This seems like its not relevant.

It will be pretty Coda focused :slight_smile:

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Okay maybe i’ll check it out. On closer look I see the event is titled “Coda for startups”. Try adding that piece to your post.

Good point, made edits to my post.

Very much looking forward to learning more about Coda and building great products.

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Dear @Eric_Rafat

I am sure this is of your interest:

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Thanks JP for the share! Will definitely check out it out.

Here is the recording of the livestream in case you missed it! https://www.foundersbeta.com/startup-demo/coda-for-startups/


This was super useful and learned a ton about product development. Thanks so much Al for the informative session!