Finding a non-blank row in a table

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The below is a formula that will determine the correct expense account, based on the description in the bank account. There is a helper table, where the description is stored and mapped to an expense account. In the bank download file this formula then goes through the helper table, looking for the description.

I have two questions:

  1. The out put of the formula is a list, with maybe a found value, somewhere in the list. How do I select only the item that is non-blank. Every idea I come up with is based on foreach(), which will just give another list.
  2. I used containstext() with the idea that I can put a portion of the description in the helper file. However, Coda does an exact match. Therefor entering “Brighthouse” will not work, I need to have the full, exact description in the table column.

If needed, I will do an example when it is not Friday… :wink:

Thank you very much.

For 1 : Have you tried to add a .Filter(CurrentValue.IsNotBlank()) at the end of the ForEach() ? :blush:

Edit: .Filter(CurrentValue) might be sufficient to get rid of the blank values :thinking:

(Sorry, I’m currently AFK, so I’m kind of thinking out loud here :innocent: )


And here is the rest of the 20 characters…

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