🇺🇦 For the members in Ukraine

For all the members of this community currently in Ukraine, @Paul_Danyliuk among them:

Stay strong, stay safe!


Yes, we’re thinking of you and supporting you from afar! Stay safe, Ukraine and @Paul_Danyliuk :ukraine:


Thank you all! :blue_heart::yellow_heart:

My wife and I are safe, if safe is the word here. There’s no activity in our region but the risk is always there.

If anyone wishes to support our army you can do so here:

For each $500 donation I’ll either gift my course or spend three hours helping you with your builds.


Happy to hear you’re safe and would like to donate.

Does anyone know an easy way to donate without having to contact my bank on a weekend? I didn’t see an option to use a credit card or direct payment on the website bht I could be missing something.

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There’s a Notion doc (yes, Notion but we put our differences aside for now lol) with some ways to help.

IIRC you can donate through a payment system Fondy at the [savelife.in.ua] website. This is a well trusted fund. You can either donate to the fund or the army

When I have time later today I’ll compose a doc with more ways to help here in my region. There’s a volunteer fund that collects food, meds, tents and blankets for the troops from our region (my wife Andriana volunteers for them). Also there are funds helping refugees: accommodating and feeding them. They also need money but they need cash because these days very few stores still accept credit cards and credit funds are blocked for most cardholders. Let me get back to you with some ideas how we could do that.


Ohhh I didn’t even realize the Fondy.eu was a link. That worked well, just hope I converted correctly.


Thanks for sharing, the donations via the Red Cross website listed therein worked smoothly. Stay safe!


Which site exactly? There is none now. Red Cross compromised themselves unfortunately; Ukrainian Red Cross is okay to donate to but ICRC is not.

I donated via the link in the notion doc you shared. I don’t know whether it’s still accessible. Sorry to hear it. Stay safe.

What happened with ICRC?

TL;DR: ICRC is allegedly going to use donated funds to build an office in russia to “better serve Ukrainians on russia-controlled territories”. Not an office in Ukraine, but in russia, shaking hands with their MFA. All of that while russian troops siege the cities to force them take russian aid or evacuate to russia, so that they could paint a good propaganda picture of “helping poor citizens and saving them from Ukrainian aggression”. There’s been cases of russian troops forcingly bringing people into russia with the same pretent.

Unfortunately, the Red Cross is a well-known brand, so many people were more inclined to donate to it rather than any other charity that’s lesser known but more effective.

Oh, and just in case. Don’t donate to ShareTheMeal either. There’s no evidence that they actually use the funds to feed any Ukrainian refugees.