Looking for help building workflow for helping Hospital Workers and Restaurants through COVID

Hey all! First time poster here.

We started a project in SF to help hospital workers by providing them high quality meals every day, made by local restaurants are really hurting due to the COVID shelter-in-place. We are getting outside donors to sponsor each of the meals.

Right now we’re using a complicated set of Google Sheets, Google Forms, a coordinator, lots of emails, Venmo, LOTS of elbow grease. This feels like something Coda could be great at simplifying for us and then we want to make it available for other cities who want to run similar programs.

Let me know if you’re interested in building this for us (we’re paying) and we’re hoping to get it done soon!



Hello @Ryan_Sarver I’m interested!
I just pinged you through DM



I’ll work with anyone to scale this as fast as possible.

No charge for my time or input.

Here’s a quick schema to get things moving:


Thanks @Ander and @Saul_Garcia

Feel free to contact Support@coda.io if you need any help or run into issues. Watching and ready to help.


Here are some examples that others have created. Sharing in case they are useful


All the fine folks up above should get you covered @Ryan_Sarver. Welcome to the community!

And if you get stuck figuring out how to do something really non-trivial, I’m here to help as well.


Also happy to help answer any Coda related questions


Hi all, sorry to steal focus, but I am looking for help with a program for a local Pharmacy which is overwhelmed with sick customers over here in the UK.

Any chance anyone can help out!? Here’s the full post just in case!

Thanks in advance!!