Formula to check a box

I run trivia games and I’m looking to automate my scoring process. Currently, I look at the answer submitted and if it’s correct, I check a box. If not, I do nothing. My goal is for Coda to check the box if the answer is correct.

Here’s a breakdown…

Hi @Mike_Driscoll

That kind of formula convert text to lower case and compare the result to acceptable answers. Would that be OK for You ?

@Quentin_Morel , this is also awesome. It works beautifully. However, I’ve come across a unique problem given my use case. I made a quick video describing the problem if you have any ideas on how to make it work.

Actual Doc: Mike Driscoll

Hi @Mike_Driscoll

First of all, glad to help !
Your new issue will be ok within a few second :wink: Your current formula is “static”, and do not know which run is in progress

while you have a perfect table Current Round you can use.

Modify your checkbox formula (here with question 1) like this

It will check your current round table, and find the answer from this row, according to the good number. Here is the play… I did it for “Question 1” in your table, but I let you reproduce that to all your question.


Let me know if this is ok for you, or if i can help you again ?


This is awesome. Thank you Quentin.

Is the anyway I can still click the checkbox even if the submitted answer does match up? I just thinking there might be a few times were a second potential answer is good enough. Like maybe the misspell “leaf” as “leave”. Honest mistake by them submitting “Leave” but I knew they meant “Leaf” and I want to give them credit anyways.

Hi @Mike_Driscoll

Yep, What I suggest (an easy way)

  • Youve got your automatic checkbox
  • Add a “manual checkbox”
  • Add a last “Final checkbox” with this formula

The final result will be checked if Automatic or manual is checked. If both are, it will be also checked :wink:

Edit : sorry wrong color in « automatic checkbox », I’m sure you won’t mind :wink:


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