Manually toggled checkbox that is overwritten by formula

Is it possible to have a checkbox that accepts a manually-entered value of TRUE that is then overwritten as FALSE by a formula based on set conditions?

We have documents that will need to be marked as approved by a primary and secondary approver. Once marked approved by the secondary, it will be released to the company. By capturing the edit date and comparing it with the go-live date, would it be possible to clear the approval checkboxes thereby indicating re-approval is required? (This would then ideally send an email to the primary approver–and once approved–the secondary, for their blessing).

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Short answer is no. A column is either populated by a formula, or using manual input.

HOWEVER, what you are trying to do can be easily achieved using a set of buttons in the table. You could have two columns with checkboxes. And then three columns with buttons for the approvers. One each for first and second approvers. The third one will then uncheck both columns.

Here is a video on the buttons: Coda essentials · The learn doc

You could also get the last button to send a mail to the first approver for re-approval. And the button that he clicks, can then also send an email to the second approver to alert them.

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Thanks for this response Pete. That should work for my needs.

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