Formula to sum values in a different table

Hello community! I have a formula to sum currency values located in a different table based on the name located there. I copied this formula from another doc in the Gallery and that one works but I can’t figure out what is wrong with mine. Any ideas?

hi @Heather_Hart ,
the purple part has [thisRow.Affiliate Name]
if you only put thisRow, what happens?
cheers, christiaan

Dear @Heather_Hart,

I think it has to do with the data structure in your table.
In the [Active Affiliates] the name is a unique text format, yours is a lookup.

The [June2021Payouts] the name should be looked up from [Active Affiliates]

Pls. see my simplified sample to be more clear

Names in the June Payout table are auto-importing from a different table based on the Chargify ID. Do you think that might be the issue? I was hoping I could pull them in automatically to avoid copy/paste.

This is the formula in the Names column:
conversions.Filter([Chargify ID] = thisRow.[Chargify ID]).[Affiliate Name]

Dear @Heather_Hart,

Obviously manually “copy/past” is not the way to go, as there comes a big risk of data inconsistency.
Maybe you could share a dummy copy of your doc, where the structure is the same and the private info is replaced with fake names.

From the screenshots and formulas it’s hard to judge the structure :thinking:

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