GET external URL from an automation

I have a button in a table that calls an external URL. This is working great!

When I push the button via an automation the call fails. The reason for the error is: “Cannot run UI actions (like OpenWindow) on the server”.

This makes perfect sense once you see it.

I looked at Xhr but it does not seem to be working at this time.

Is there any way to do what I’m trying to do please?


Are you trying to just post data from Coda to an external API in the background, or are you trying to show a page to the user?

The workaround I would recommend for the first one is Zapier. Zapier has a Coda trigger for “New row added to table”, so you could create a table for “outgoing messages” and have the automation pop the data in a new row in there. Then Zapier would pick it up and could forward it along to an external endpoint of your choice.

If you mean show a page to the user, hmm. What’s the action/change that triggers the automation that should pop up the page?

@Nick_HE Thanks for your suggestions.

I’m trying to post data in the background.

I used GAS to create a web wrapper around a spreadsheet. I’m want to call the URL to put a row in the spreadsheet. I have some existing functionality that will react to that row.

My particular use case is time limited; I have a created a document to collect and process applications for a position we’re opening up. I don’t want to spend too much more time on this particular document.

I’m not overly familiar with Zapier though I can see how it would be the way to accomplish what I’m want here.

Thanks again. Much appreciated :smiley:

One other option if you’re already in GAS land is to pull instead of push.

The Coda API has a GAS wrapper library and GAS example code, if you just wanted to poll the coda doc every hour for new rows or something.

But also Zapier is pretty intuitive and if you already have the endpoint set up on GAS, you could probably get it going in 15min or so. You’ll be ok on the free plan if you’re <100 submissions, otherwise $20.

Hi @Nick_HE,

I just wanted to close the loop on this.

I took your advice and wrote a GAS proc then stuck it on a timer to poll my Coda table. The GAS proc dumps the data in the same sheet as I was attempting to push it to. As a bonus, I added some flexibility to soft code the Coda table info so I can now pull from multiple tables in different docs, provided ,of course, that the Coda table conforms to the expected structure.

I appreciate your advice :smiley:

Have a terrific day!

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