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I would like to know if it is possible to automatically transfer information from an embedded link to another column, like the price in this image. Currently I just write everything in myself but it would help me a lot automated.

2023-01-11 11_05_57-Nebular Space · Shopping List

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Hey @Nebular_Productions ! What sort of information are you trying to pull from the link? From the screenshot it looks like maybe the price and description?

Depending on your table setup you might be able to use something like regexmatch(), but it’s hard to say without seeing your full doc. There is some other discussion about a similar idea here that could be worth looking at too.

Hey Jasmine, yes very simple. I just try to pull the price information out of the link.
regexmatch() looks very intressting but i’m not sure, how it could done correctly in this case :thinking:.
Any idea?

Gotcha! In that case, I’d recommend checking out this post for some ideas. Happy building!

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