Guide: How to share a doc with the Coda Community

Guide for new Coda-Users: How to share a doc with the Coda Community.
Copy and paste it into all topics where there is insufficient information.

Long version:

Hello folks,

This is my first post in this category. I don’t think this post has much added value, but I decided to publish it here anyway. In the last months, I have often seen that new users, in particular, need help, but are not aware that it is extremely important for us to share their document, add a screenshot or anything else that contributes to understanding their contributes to the problem. Many people simply post their formulas in the description.

The process is always the same: either the issue is not solved at all, or only after several days, or someone tells the user to please add more information.

This all takes time and if we’re honest, it’s not really much fun to write the same thing over and over again.

Since I couldn’t find a comparable guide on the Coda website, I created one myself so that I could post it easily and quickly in all topics that are difficult to understand.

It is important to know that the guide is adapted to my processes. I always proceed by copying the user’s Doc, solving the problem, and then pasting the solution into my Coda Community-Doc so that other users can also take a look at it in the future.

If the guide is helpful for your support in the community, feel free to use it wherever you like.

Best regards