Help with formulas - breaking down a larger table

We have a use case where by workflow kanban boards get large really quickly. We would like to create a section within the same folder that allows users to breakdown the kanban board based on a lookup into more manageable views.

Here is an example:

What we ideally want to do is give two breakdown options by user/owner and category (a table column pick list). These are the two most common forms in which teams need to consume content.

I got this from the template gallery but havent been able to make the formula work. Essentially we would like to be able to create look ups based on a master table in the format presented above.

Is there an easy fix/formula that could be posted here or is this more complex in which case do you provide consulting services :wink:

Hi @Adam_Abbott,
this is actually a common use-case.

You just need to add a filter in each view that takes the control as input parameter.

E.g. in your Task by Team Member View, just filter the table like this: [Assignee]=[UserSelectControl].
(Being Assignee and UserSelectControl just placeholders: you just type your actual reference names)

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks @Federico_Stefanato this is great. Could I take this a step further and just have filter by [column] name? So owner, category, status etc?

And would I just copy the master table/board into the doc? How would I attach the select object to the table?

Hi @Adam_Abbott,

Coda tables let you create “views” which let you have multiple versions of the same table. When I say the same table, it’s the same data between the main table and all of its views. So if something is changed in one view, it changes for all other views and the main table too.

We also have “Interactive Filters” now that let you easily create the canvas control and the table filter that work together in one step.

Here are a couple help articles that explain how this works: