Hide an empty table?

Is there a way to hide a table if it is empty?

For example, I have a list of tasks, but they’re all marked done.

I’d like to do something as follows:

If there are no undone tasks, show “All the tasks are done.” If there are tasks still undone, show the table.

Something like:

=If (Count(TASKS.Filter(Done=“True”)=0, “All tasks are done,” TASKS.Filter(Done=“False”))

However, this doesn’t return a table, it just returns an in-line list of tasks. Is there a way to return a table?

I can also see using this kind of filter to show tables at the right time, to the right person, etc…


Also would like to do this. Any solution on this?

Can you take a look at Hide your table and other tips to prevent user errors and see if the workaround there helps.