How to create a pricing matrix table with checkboxes?


I am a web designer and fairly new to coda.

I’d like to build a pricing table matrix with check boxes for each of my clients. So that I can select the Plugins, Hosting, etc. I use for each client and just click on the check boxes if someone uses plugin a,b,c etc. In the end I will have a sum of the cost for each client.

Client Table:
Has one column with the client names in it.

Software Cost Table:
Has two columns, one with the name of the software and one with the price of the software.

Pricing Table:
Has 1 column with the software referenced from the software cost table, and a variable amount of columns for the clients names referenced by the client table.

All the columns (except the first column) should have check boxes, if selected should add the cost from the corresponding software (referenced by software cost table).
Below the last row, a sum for the total costs should be listed for each client.

Here I got my Software Cost Table:

That is the pricing matrix talbe:

Does anyone know how to do this?

I think you should rejig your plan a bit. The main issue is that there’s no way to automatically add a column to the pricing matrix when you add a plugin to the SaaS Costs table. It will also be cumbersome to rig up the formula to accept the new plugin each time.

Instead of checkboxes in a table, I would recommend a multi-select lookup, like this:


Thanks a lot! I guess that will also do the job :slight_smile:

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