How to create a toggle


I am trying to reproduce this toggle but I can’t find the way to do it… Thanks for the help!

Hey there!
Which toggle do you mean? Do you mean the buttons? (Add to action plan, or upvote?)
The help page on buttons is a great place to start. If that doesn’t help, can you describe what you are trying to do?

Hi @Amaihka_Jewelry,

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It looks like you’ve got a screenshot of the “Upvote” template. These are pre-made templates that you can easily drag-and-drop into your doc. These are ready to go, so all formulas are included.

Sorry, I should have been a bit more precise! I meant these toggles

I apologize if its a basic question, or has already been answered!
Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

Dear @Amaihka_Jewelry,

I assume this post will be helpful

Launched: Collapsible Headers, Tables & Views


Yes, great!!! This definitely helps :wink: Thank you!