How to create self-pruning dropdown

I’m looking to build a system where an individual can select their name from one dropdown, then enter a date, and from there, a second dropdown will populate with a list of professors who are available to arrange a meeting with. In order to cap the number of attendees, once a professor has been selected for a given date 10 times, their name will no longer show up in that second dropdown for future rows. Is this possible?

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Hi @ACD ! Welcome to the community :grin: !

It should be possible :wink:
Without more info about your doc, this is a little something you should be able to play with to get the desire result :wink:.

It uses 2 Lookup fields. The one in [Lessons] does, I think, what you are looking for :wink: .
The Lookup in [Prof] is a “Referenced Lookup”.

There are 2 different examples in this doc that work together :

  • Prof [Lookup] 1 and Lessons [Lookup] 1
  • Prof [Lookup] 2 and Lessons [Lookup] 2

There might be other ways to do this though :slight_smile: : It’s just an idea :wink:

That did the trick. Thank you!

@ACD Lol :sweat_smile: I’ve withdrawn my post earlier because it didn’t completely answer your problem and I’m actually looking at a more complete solution :sweat_smile: .

Edit : Just in case this is my final take on this :slightly_smiling_face:
Using more Select List than Lookups

A little bit more complex but it seems to do the work this time :slightly_smiling_face: