How to find out the number of projects an assignee has worked on for a given month

I’m using Asana for project management and I have imported the tasks from Asana projects on to the Coda Doc using packs, with the help of this data i would like to know the number of projects an assignee was invloved in for a given month." is the link to the Doc.

Thanks in advance.


I have amended your doc.

If you look at the Number of projects alloted to assignees page the table has two new columns.

They both do the same thing however one ends in .Count() to return the count.

I have used .Year() and .Month() as matching creteria so you don’t have to mess around saying that a date is great than or equal to StartOfMonth and greater than or equal to EndOfMonth.

There may be a more effecient way of doing this however I can’t see one.

I am also only going by Start On as the matching date however you can use a different date field or even multipe date fields if you expand the filter to include an OR statement.

Hopefully this is what you were looking for. If you need any further help refining this please let me know.

All the best


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