How To Isolate A Row Through A Formula

I’m trying to figure out how to isolate a single row for a formula, ThisRow is not working as expected. Perhaps I am going about this the wrong way, any help would be appreciated.

Here is a sample doc (see row isolation for formula page). The main formula is in “Monthly Income - Gross”, as all the other use that.
How can I make it so the user can change price, amount of clients and add new packages to “Scenario Control Panel - Clients” and have the top calculations reflect correctly?
How do I make the calculation only run across a single row vs the entire column? Ie multiply price by client total and then SUM each total.

Hi Demetrius,

I’ll answer your last question first, as it is the easiest. The short answer is that Coda does not do row formulas, only column formulas. (Coda is very similar, but very different to spreadsheets.)

So for example, you would have a price column and a qty column. Then you would have a total column where the formula is Price * Qty.
From your schema it is not clear how you will address different customers for different months. In the above example, you would add a column for month, and a column for year. Using the group functionality, you can then calculate a sub-total for each month and for the year.

This should give you close to what I think you are looking for.


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Thank you, yes that is rather annoying that I cannot do row level formula, hopefully they add some functionality around this.
I was able to get it working by adding a “total” column as you suggested.
Thanks so much!