How to resume only higher values?

I’m trying to resume some values, but not to sum all the values, just the higher values, for each category.
I’ll try to explain it as clear as I can:

I have a few tables: Exams, Questions, Answers
Each Exam has Questions, and for each question, there is an Answer.

So, the Questions are in Groups. For example: Questions 1-3, Group 1; Questions 4-7, Group 2.

I want to resume all this information in another table, to sum the Answers for each group.

So far so good.

Here is the trick: I just want to sum only the higher 2 values for each category.
For example:
Exam 1, Question 1, Answer 4
Exam 1, Question 2, Answer 3
Exam 1, Question 3, Answer 5

So, the Result for the Group 1 for this Exam should be 9 (Answer higher value was 5, next 4, so 5+4)

How do I do this?

This is my first post here, so I’m still figuring out how to use some tools properly.
I’m having a problem and I realize I don’t know CODA enough to solve it.

pd: I used to do this on Excel wih “LARGE” formula
edit: to make it more clear

Hey @Rodrigo_Ardiles to the community! Coda can definitely do this for you. I think the community can better help you if you make an example doc with the schema and tables you are thinking of, and then get as close as you can with the formulas. Its hard sometimes to explain or fully understand what someone is trying to do without seeing an example.

You can make a new document and then embed it in to your reply. It can be very simple with example data. Make sure you set the permissions allow us to see the formulas.

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Hi there @Rodrigo_Ardiles and Welcome to the Community :tada: !

Like @Johg_Ananda suggested it, would you mind sharing a sample/example doc so we could literally see what you’re trying to accomplish ? :blush:
Even just a screenshot might be a good starting point here :wink: .

OK first what do you mean by ‘resume’ - I don’t understand that word in this context.

And can you explain why you want to do that? That might help me understand. Thanks.

I need to sum the 2 higher values of “Answers”, for each “Group”, for each “Exam”.
This is what I was calling “Resume”, for the lack of a better concept (sorry for the confusion)

And “Why”, it’s because this is part of a psychological test I’m trying to automatice. And the desing of the test includes this.

The “math” part, following this suggestion (with a more precise explanation here), could be solved by adding a field ("Results") to your Answers table with this formula :


I’m not sure though if it was really what you were looking for (in terms of where to have those results)

But I’ll admit that I couldn’t find a logical way to get those Results as a table :confused: .
(I didn’t have much time to really look at all this, sorry)


Thank you! That was really helpful! You are a wizard

I’ll keep trying to put the Results on a table

You’re welcome :blush: !