In-line mention an image or other column from any row

I am coming from PKM tools where it’s very helpful to render blocks in full from elsewhere in the graph as full-length content.

I would like to do something like say @rowtitle.image and then have the image from that row show up in my page such that I can resize it to be part of the normal flow of the content. It would also be very nice to quote text columns in full in-line so that I can connect new content to the related information that exists in a table.

For example, if I have a form for entering numerous diagrams with summary text I could pull from my very large table of results only the image and text relevant to the context of a narrative report.

My hope is to find a formula workaround to make this happen.

You can do it! Exactly like you mentioned

@rowtitle and then you can chain out any Column in the table from the referenced row.

You should also be able to resize images using the image formula → @rowtitle.image.image(10)

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