Introducing the Notion Pack! 🎉

Hello. It’s me again.
Now I’m getting error when trying to update a Date field in Notion from Coda.

And a strange thing is that a can update a “End” date component, but can’t update a “Start” component.
When updating an empty field I get an error. When updating a field with existing Start component there is no error message, but Start component remains unchanged.

Actually the problem was that I can’t update both “Start” and “End” components of the same date in a single request. So I have to invoke two requests to achieve this.

Does this pack not actually pull in the page content from Notion? Only the table properties?

I’m trying to bring in my recipe collection to Coda so I can build out a meal planning app… Notion’s web clipper does such a good job at capturing the content on a webpage that it’s my favorite way to save recipes. However, when I’m importing to Coda using the pack, none of the actual Page content seems to be available?

My recipes in Notion:

Same data in Coda:

These are the available columns to add through the integration:

Am I missing something, or is this a limitation of the integration?

Hi @Christa_Stephens !

Leandro here the creator of the Pack :slight_smile:

The Pack only syncs the page properties but no the content, it is because getting the content is an expensive operation to do with the Notion API as it is right now.

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Slight aside:

Why does Coda not have a good web clipper (for desktop and mobile???)


Is it there already any solution or workaround to bulk/batch/mass update or sync Notion Pages Content/Body?

Hi @Ac_Martin!

Unfortunately no and it won’t be because of how the Notion API works and the rate limites they have in the API. What’s your use case?