iPad tables not displaying correctly

Tables are not filling the screen correctly on iPad Pro 10.5, iPadOS 14

Actually and sadly, this is how tables have always been looking on iPad (whatever the orientation is or the model of iPad), as far as I can remember.
But I hope someday it won’t be the case anymore :blush:.

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Yes, it should work this way. But although the mobile app doesn’t works as I want it to, it works fine on iPhone. These interface on iPad though just looks like a bug. I am not asking for reconfiguring the whole app behaviour, just to make rows stretch correctly through the display.


Hey @Guilherme_Salles – I recently merged in a fix for this that should be on prod now. Definitely something that bothered me as well when I used Coda on my iPad!

Hopefully tables and other views will work better for you on tablet now. Please let me know if you see any additional issues :slightly_smiling_face:


This is a great news :partying_face: !

Thank you very much :grin: !!!

Dammit guys, you keep surprising me! This is the fastest developer team I know. I did the right decision switching to Coda. :partying_face:

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