Is there a template you'd recommend for grant tracking


I’m new to coda and am looking for a template to work from to help a non-profit track their grant submissions process. This would include the foundation information, the contact, application deadline, relevant grant rules. Then it would include tracking the actions taken to apply for the grant (request to submit LOI, accepted or denied, submitted LOI, accepted or denied, then submitted grant (accepted or denied).

Any help welcome. Thank you!

Hey there.
The CRM model can help with a bit of tweak to it.
I find it pretty useful actually to have organisations to contact, the people of the org, and you can add details to the contract and org.
So for your use case, you would add the foundation as the companies, the contact of the foundation, you should add a new date column for the deadline in the detail view of the foundation, and the rules in another text column.
Then in the contact you’ll change the status to fit your needs.
It’s it clear enough?

Hi @Tobey_Finkelstein, great having you here :wave:

As @tomavatars suggests, it looks like a CRM (client relation management) should be the tool you are looking for.

Have you checked out the templates, I highly recommend and find the closed to what you imagine to suite your project. You can always adjust to your needs and restructure to your logic, initially it seems challenging, but you finally will get something that meets your expectations.

In case of questions, drop them in the community, by explaining your current challenge and the expected outcome.

Sample CRM