Launched: Coda 4.0!

Haha it’s not :wink:

Coda will push updates from the source document to the target document (where the cross doc is) on three trigger types:

  1. Time bases trigger (hour lowest interval)
  2. Refresh button (as you mentioned, which is just a different UI for a manual sync)
  3. Upon cross doc edit.

When you edit a cell in a cross doc, Coda will first apply those changes back to the source document

Then, Coda will reconcile other changes from the source doc BACK to the cross doc about 5 seconds later

YouTube will explain it more fully

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You strike a key point here: There move to more clearly delineate maker/editor roles is very sane, but there are a few things that needed to be done before introducing this restriction on Editors.

  • Make Doc Makers the only ones able to: write formulas, insert controls and buttons, insert (smart) tables, hide and unhide pages, set up and edit automations

  • Make Doc Locking (which was a band-aid solution that we now seem stuck with), available to all doc Makers no matter which pricing tier.

  • More controversial but necessary in my opinion: add dumb tables, and allow doc Editors to insert dumb tables inside canvas columns. Hec maybe even allow doc Editors to insert formulas and smart tables inside canvas columns but only be able to use objects created within the canvas in their formulas.

  • Let Editors be Content Editors only as mentioned by @Scott_Collier-Weir here, so they can only edit the text of pages that the doc Maker leaves unlocked for them to edit, but can’t remove/add formulas, controls, buttons and automations , even in unlocked pages.

The above will transition us will transition us from the current messy set up to a world where Makers make, Editors edit content, and Viewers view !

I admit that this transition was not possible in the first iteration of pricing tiers , because we didn’t have canvas columns in Coda 2.0. But it’s not too late to fix the mess!

Then, can come cherry on the cake, your proposal: rows as pages. This will be essentially a new, and very cool, view of a table (just like like layout, calendar, timeline) , which is displayed as top-level header page (text editable by Maker), and the table rows as child pages displayed as a layout view.
We can have a self-referencing parent column act similar to the dependency column in Timeline views, so that we can have a full blown hierarchy - similar to what we can achieve now with vanilla pages.

And there you have it, sane and clean wikis with formulaic access to boot.

Only once you have all of this, you can restrict Editors from inserting new pages and no one would complain.


I am very pleased with the new Coda, but is it possible to tone down the aggressiveness of notifying that I used up all my AI credits? The message pops up every time I open a new document.

Let it pop up once, and then that should be enough…
Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 09.17.19


Is the iOS app with support this update almost ready? I think it’s a shame you released Coda 4.0 while not having the iOS app ready first. Sync pages simply do not render, at all. I’d love to get an update on this so I can decide if I need to roll back the use of sync pages for now.

Nice ìno graphics from Coda
Coda Roadmap Share a page 4 steps

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@shishir Congrats on the release. How does one get access to the Ultimate Coda Handbooks? There’s no link in the blogpost and nothing shows up in Coda search.

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are you looking for this page: Gallery | explore Coda docs, templates, and Packs - Coda

What plan are you on for $18 / month?

I can’t go into details about the non-profit I work with as it is an Enterprise order, but the other nonprofit I work with (who I was hoping to onboard onto Coda) has very little spare change, and I was hoping to convert the team onto a $15 / month non-profit Team plan.

I am not asking for a free product. I am asking for a basic feature, which has been included in our paid plans up until now, to continue be included. If this means my teams lose out of the cutting edge such as Coda AI, that’s something I’m willing to give up on.

These are good. How come there’s not an Ultimate Coda Handbook for marketing and design? TBH, I’m just looking for the marketing handbook, so a link would be awesome.

Marketing, Design, Customer Success, and more are coming soon! What are two things you think a Marketing ultimate guide should include?

How do you count AI credits?

I asked Coda AI to make a list of top 10 most popular classic cocktails, then asked it to list the ingredients for all of them, add instructions and links to YouTube How-To videos. And… I used 1230 credits for that? If it’s not a bug then you’re giving us a super limited AI (with 1000 credits for a month on a Pro plan).

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We’re a 501(c)(3) and Coda offers a 50% discount on the $36/month doc maker fee for the Team plan.

Hi Andrei, were you doing this in a table or in AI chat?

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I used a prompt on an empty page just to check Coda AI.

Asked to make a list of 10 cocktails and possibly to list ingredients in the original prompt, don’t remember now.

Then messaged in a side chat, asked to indent ingredients bullet points because numbered list was formatted wrong. Then asked to add instructions.

As I never tried Coda AI before, I didn’t know if it can make a table with all this information. So after a text prompt on a page and these few messages in side chat, I decided to try ask it to make a table with same content and it told me I ran out of credits. That’s when I checked and saw I used 1230 credits.

I didn’t use Coda AI before as far as I know.

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@shishir What’s the status of this message?

@shishir What’s the status of this message?

A little late, but congratulations on Coda 4.0!
I was surprised to see that the Pro plan is also free for pax if used by one person.
I really appreciate it🙏
I hope to spread the word in Japan!
I’m supporting you!

@shishir Now that you are done with this can you fix the Apple Iphone and Apple I Pad app. The text formatting does not work. There is 2 billion Apple devices now and if you use Coda on an of them you can not even make text bold. I have asked customer service over and over again and submitted bug request after bug request. I can not understand how something this huge has not gotten even an ounce of managements attention.

20+ bugs in one for 2 billion Apple products CODAS largest customer base - Apple iphone for close to a year the text formatting does not work on all Iphones and Ipads.
The bug also will not allow the use of
Bullet List
Number List
Toggle list
Block Quote
Pull Quote
Code Block
Text Color
Text Alignment
Linking Text
And many more features…

They say its not a priority I say nobody is telling the owner of the company. because he would want it fixed. You are spending marketing dollars sending people to download the Coda app and the Coda app has a bug that nobody on Apple can format any text. Wasted money. Lost opportunity.

I am going to go ahead and just say it right here -Terrible management decision not doing something about this. If it was my company I would have that fixed before the suns comes up tomorrow because I want all those new users. Spend tens of millions of dollars developing an amazing app and have a bug make it almost useless for its intended purpose. Then not do anything about the bug for almost 1 year. Priorities Priorities… How much lost and wasted money…

I hope this is not taken the wrong way I just want what’s best for your company but you need a wake up call.

Alright I hope that gets your attention!!!

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Have you added this to the suggestion box?

That would be much better place to make a request, and it will also give Coda an indication of how deep the need for the enhancement goes.