Launched: Google Tasks pack to view, edit, and manage your tasks and task lists

Hi @loucadufault – I’ve been getting the following error when trying to authenticate an account with this pack, any suggestions on where I should look to try to resolve it? I’ve tried authenticating with three different Google accounts (2 from separate Google Workspaces and the third is standard gmail account), across 2 different paid Coda workspaces, and on two different devices, but get the same regardless of which account, workspace, and device I’m on. Thanks!

I should have anticipated this, but we have indeed run into Google’s cap on it’s allowance for users of unverified apps :confused:

Seems like the pack beta is closed!

Joking aside, I am working with Eric to actually get the pack verified which would remove the need to perform this workaround and allow more users (unlimited probably). If you are able to wait 1-3 weeks it should be resolved.


:joy: More than happy to wait. Thanks for the update!

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Hi @loucadufault just checking out whether you have managed to get your app verified… Very much lloking forward to using your pack! Thanks and Cheers!

The pack has been verified! The OAuth user cap is removed, and connecting a Google account should now be straightforward (will no longer require any of the workarounds posted earlier in this topic).

@Casey_Linehan @Laurent_Ades please let me know if you encounter any issues while setting up the pack.

Thanks to Eric again for making this happen!


This is great @loucadufault. Just finalised setup: no issue. Thanks for making this happen!

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Has anyone tried interacting with tasks from Google Workspace Spaces? I tried a little bit without luck even when the task was assigned to me and visible in “My Tasks.”

Are there any plans for including a way to set the time of the task as well as the date? - Unless I’m missing something, it seems there is no way to include the time.