Launched: Improvements to timelines

The principle is simple, or it should be simple: if you choose only Date, not Date and Hours, you would expect it to consider full days.
I’m wondering why there aren’t more people spotting this.

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I also agree this is very odd and would prefer it span the whole day as well!

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You can now update the label display on timelines without having to update the display column. Additionally, we’ve given the timeline display panel a visual refresh to make setting up your timeline that much easier.

Previously, to update the labels in a timeline you had to change the display column, often having negative consequences on other views such as Card views. Now you can simply choose any column (that is a supported column type) and directly display this on your timeline without affecting other views.

Screen Capture on 2023-11-29 at 12-24-52.gif

We look forward to your continued feedback as we continue to invest and enable new possibilities with timelines in the coming months! Lastly, thank you for highlighting the issue where time bars are not representing a full day when a date column is used for the end date. We plan to address this shortly - stay tuned!

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That’s great News, thanks a lot @Sam_Harper! Feels to see you roll out iterative improvements based on customer feedback. We’ve just decided to give using Coda as our main planning tool another shot based on the encouraging signs that we started to see.
Looking forward to milestones (zero duration tasks) next :slight_smile:


Thanks @Sam_Harper
Great improvement, that could be interesting to have the same possibility for each view (to chose the column to display, independantly of the “Main” Column status).

For next important features, according to me :

  • +1 to @Nad , milestone is a must have !
  • timeline bar as progress bar, to show progression of a give task, according to a different column !


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@Quentin_Morel Glad to hear it, and that’s a very interesting idea!

For now, wanted to share a quick workaround that you might already be familiar with, that is now more usable given it doesn’t affect other views:

Screen Capture on 2023-11-30 at 10-25-05

As for 0 day events - stay tuned!



A few things:

  • combination of data visualised (e.g. bars visualise duration of a task, while also having dots visualising the sub-tasks of the task) - IMHO, this is very important to have a real powerful useful timeline
  • connecting tasks and changing dependencies directly in the chart
  • visualisation of the day transition considering a start hour and end hour in a month and week views
  • cards layout in the timeline
  • customisable hover-over tooltips
  • 0 duration tasks
  • bottom “footer” visually summarising the elements with icons representation (different icons by type of data)

One of the best presentation on how modern looking timeline should look like to be useful is created by Whole other level of boring 90s look timelines. Coda style would be this particular one which is powerful enough to be useful.

Hi @Stefan_Stoyanov,

Thanks for sharing the feedback, very helpful to see an example of your preferred style of timelines/product inspiration. I will share this with the team, as we explore future plans.

Best regards,


Thank you, Sam! This is a great feature!

Thanks Sam and team for the continued improvements based on user feedback. It’s great that you can now choose a label display. It would be really nice to have the ability to separate the display column and the label column. (e.g., keep the project on the left hand side and choose the status or some other column to display on the timeline)

It’s an upvote from me for the display column column and label column being able to be different columns.
It would also be very powerful to be able to display multiple columns (in the same way that products like MS project and smartsheet allow).
Thanks to Sam and the team for the ongoing work on the timeline.

Can someone advise how to implement this workaround?
I can’t figure it out just from the video. What are the formulas for the Rectangle and Concatenate columns and how do they tie into the display for the the timeline view?

Hey @PMRD,

Here is a loom of how I set this up:

In terms of the formulas I am using:

Rectangle 1

// Progress is the column that contains the value of the progress

Rectangle 2

// #808080 is the hex code for the gray I am using; feel free to substitute any color here
Rectangle(100-thisRow.Progress,20, "#808080")


// Joins the Title column with the progress rectangle columns
Concatenate(thisRow.Title,  " ", thisRow.Rectangle,thisRow.[Rectangle 2])

Feel free to copy this doc if you want to look “under the hood”:

Best regards,


That’s really cool and works well! Just what my team needed. Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Hey Sam,
I noticed something with the timelines that seems that recently started. Before when I would click on fit, it would size the timeline to fit in whatever width the browser was. Now when I click it, it all compresses to the middle of the window. Is it a bug or something on my end?

Hello Bradley,

The timeline fit button will pick the smallest zoom level that will fit all items in the timeline. It looks like your data spans just over a year, which would make it unable to fit it a one year window, so it jumps up to the next zoom level, which is Multi-Year.

Launched: Quick add dependencies directly from the timeline

Excited to share a small update that’ll make adding dependencies less cumbersome — you can now set them up by dragging and dropping, right from the timeline view!

To do this, first enable dependencies from the timeline display panel and hover over an event. You can click or drag the dependency handle from an event to another event you’d like to create a dependency between. To remove a dependency, right-click on the dependency line in the timeline and select “Remove dependency” from the menu.

See our other recent improvements to dependencies here: Launched: Native dependencies for easy and powerful project management


This is really powerful update, Sam!

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That’s cool, I can hide now the dependency column and use it more intuitively.
Really great, thank you!