Launched: VAT Check Pack

A while ago I made a pack to validate EU VAT numbers, and if available provide additional company information.

This can be a handy addition when using Coda as a B2B customer database or if you have a doc for your billing & accounting.

The EU VAT Check pack is available in the pack gallery:

You can find some basic examples on how to use the pack here:

If you have any questions or feedback, let me know!


wauw , this is wonderful @Daniel_Stieber , I thought about this one already for a while, but so glad you made it! I’ll integrate it soon in my invoicing template!


it goes fast and after removing the dots in my VAT numbers (I can also do with a Regex() it directly) shows valid. One detail however, sometimes I do not have yet a VAT number and I have a blank, for these cases you might want to write a different text

but again wonderful!


This is great feedback thanks!

I have updated it now so an empty field will not be checked at all.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-04 um 09.35.22


that goes fast :wink:

Users new to this pack logic, you can go to packs an update the pack and it will adapt accordingly