Layouts or views in mobile devices

Is there a means of controlling the layouts displayed on mobile devices? I’m using a detailed view during development from a desktop, but on the same mobile device it seems to render either a table or a modified version of the detail view without any obvious logic. In addition the display of fields in the detail view don’t appear to correlate to the order specified on the desktop layout.

Updated: Found mobile FAQs and explains rendering rules. Is there a means to influence rendering other than by gaming it i.e. by deliberately leveraging the following rules:

  1. If the display column is hidden, you won’t see cards since there’s not a clear column to choose as the title for the card.
  2. If your table has many numeric columns, you’ll see it as a table will column headers so it’s clear what each number represents.

There’s an algorithm that handles the mobile layout, so no individual settings to force these types of things.

For some docs though, I’ve created a “Mobile” section and added views of tables in the way that displays best on mobile. You could even create section links at the top of each section for “Mobile / Desktop” so it’s really easy for the user to “switch views” so-to-speak.

Dear @Chris_Joseph,

Search in the template gallery for “Equipment Inventory Management”, created by @BenLee

It’s a good example on how to create a mobile friendly app.

Checking out the template for insight, thank you both.