Looking up objects across docs: [Doc X].[TableY].[Column Z]

Suggestion: extend the coda notation to reference objects across docs using doc name as a prefix. It would be such a natural extension of how things are referenced in Coda…

[Doc X].[TableY].[Column Z]

the related question is who has the permission to look into that doc and thus to see that table.
that seems a hard nut to crack.
the embed logic today works well (though the wording etc is not polished yet) when permissions are equal in related docs. however, often you just don’t want that.

Coda has some critical issues on its plate this summer.

Fair point @Christiaan_Huizer - I forgot about entitlements. Still, there could be a setting similar than the one used for certain packs (e…g Outlook) where a connection to another doc is “personal” or “collective”:

  • personal means the user viewing the doc with the cross-doc reference needs to have at least view permissions on the referenced doc to view
  • collective can only be used if the user setting the cross-doc reference is an admin and/or has full access (can add users with view permission to that doc) to the referenced doc

I know that when it comes to entitlements things get a little bit more complicated, but if Coda intends to address the more enterprise segment, finer grained control of who can see/do what is required.