MarketCarpet like Charts

I’m looking for a way to build MarketCarpet like charts. It’s something that would be really helpful for planning visualization as the timeline view just doesn’t work for my application. I’m sure there are others who would want to be able to visualize projects in such a way as well. I’ve seen the GitHub heat map that is available as a pack, but it doesn’t differentiate size, and I’m not sure if Brandon Trew’s Map Mechanics is the right fit either.

Anyone else having luck setting this type of chart up?

This sounds like a request for a new Pack! I have moved your post into the Making Packs section of the Community. In the meantime, can you please request a Pack here?: Request a Pack

check out which you can use within an Embed() formula.
the type of chart you are looking for is called a heatmap

Thank you, when I was looking for “heat map” in the packs they have one or two for GitHub commits, but that wasn’t really what I was looking for. I’ll take a look into and see if it’ll work for me for the time being.

Submitted a request for the new Pack!