No file can be pulled in Notion Pack


Notion Pack is great but I found that the file column in the database is missing.
Is there anyway to pull the attached file in notion back to Coda?


Hi @Violette_S, sorry that you are having problems with the attachments, would you please give me a screenshot of how it looks in Notion and how in Coda? Is the column empty or the column is not there?

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Hi Leandro,

This is how it looks in Notion.
This is how it looks on CODA.

Hi Violette,

If you hover over “Quote 2110077” a popup should appear showing all available columns, PDF File should be there. Just in case, did you add the column after you synced the database with Coda?

Try removing and adding the sync again just in case and let me know.

Thank you Leandro.
I found it.
But I still cannot access the file when I click the hyperlink associated with it.
Not sure if it’s the problem or the file or API between Coda & Notion.


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It is because file urls expire after some time, you just need to click on the sync button that appears at the bottom of the database title, it appears when you hover to the right of “Notion” :raised_hands:



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