Nocalc=true no longer working?

I’m stuck in an infinite calculation loop and deleting the column / table won’t solve the problem. I’ve tried:

  • deleting the offending column, then the entire table
  • appending ?nocalc=true but the query string is removed and calculations continue running
  • restoring from history, but even the revisions are in a calculation loop and crash
  • clearing app data then logging back in

None of these have worked. It seems that there’s no way for me to short-circuit and stop the calculation.

So: any other ideas? Is there a newer alternative to nocalc=true?

Hi @Christian_Rodriguez3,

I suggest to get in contact with the support team.


There’s indeed something going on with the ?nocalc=true :pensive: .

If I append it to the complete url of a doc (i.e.: a doc URL with DocTitle_docID/PageTitle_pageID) the ?nocalc=true doesn’t stick… :thinking:

But, it still works if I remove from the URL the DocTitle and only leaves the DocID and use it on URL looking like this :[DocIDGoesHere]?nocalc=true

(I sadly don’t have the time to push further my investigation right now :innocent: )

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Teach a (wo)man to fish, as they say…

I’m unable to choose a “solution” in this community, but if I could this would be it. Thanks!

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No worries @Christian_Rodriguez3 :wink: … Knowing it worked is enough :wink: !

I haven’t used it in a while but a common mistake could be writing ?nocalc=true if there’s already some parameter used in the doc, e.g. there’s already a ? in the URL (e.g. after ?modal=true). Then you have to specify it as the second parameter with not a ? but &, i.e. &nocalc=true.

See query parameters (?location=London&type=blog)

Also make sure you’re not using ?nocalc=true after a #something section. So either insert it before the # part or remove the # part altogether.


Thanks for the precision here @Paul_Danyliuk :raised_hands: :grin: !

Running my very quick tests (as I haven’t used this in a while too) this is exactly what happened when using only the DocID + ?nocalc=true in the url… Coda recreated the complete url by itself and added at the end a #_Something. The ?nocalc=true was inserted just before the #_Something.

The resulting URL was indeed looking like this :[DocID]/PageTitle_su[PageID]?nocalc=true#_[Something]

I can’t remember how I tested this or even if I knew about the location the ?nocalc=true should take compared to the #_Something in the url but at least, now I know :grin: !

Thank you Paul :raised_hands: !

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For the completeness of the answer, Coda uses the # part for navigation within the doc. Table/View/Line ID goes there along with the row ID and IIRC the parameters for modal or column ID (big text), which go after the # and not in the regular query params piece. nocalc and viewMode go before the # as regular query params. Also /_suXXX goes onto the path as page ID but it’s going to be autoresolved if #_objectID is present (it will jump to the view/table/line and prepend the page ID)


jeepers, @Paul_Danyliuk , how do you know all this?

and thanks for sharing ‘for completeness’ as we learn form this