Notification for approaching date. The specific date will be provided in the formula

Hello community. I need your assistance. I possess a database of employees which contains their hiring date. I want to set up a notification to be sent when an employee’s work anniversary is approaching. For instance, the notification should be sent when there are 15 days left until the anniversary.
Could you please help how to do it?

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hi @Dasha_Zenko

this blog explains a HRM logic I developed to notify people on events like a birthday

In case this feels overwhelming you can take an easy route:

  • create a button in your table
  • add the notify logic in that button
  • create a second column that contains the birthday date minus 15 and call this column notifyDate
  • go to advanced options, select disable and put there the following
  • notifyDate != today()
  • have an automation run every morning to push all buttons, only the active buttons will generate a message.

and the button

the automation

cheers, christiaan


Hi Christiaan;) Actually I did this notification with the help of your article. But I didn’t create a button and button logic :eyes: Thank you a lot, I hope your instruction will help because i see my mistakes!

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