Notion import: Duplicated select list options?

So recently when I tried importing from Notion, the select list has duplicates. Seems like every time the select list is used in a table in Notion, in Coda it creates a new item

(example of it converted into a lookup table but it’s the same even as a select list)

Another import bug (not sure if i need to make a new thread) collapse list import shows like this:
where it’s an empty collapsable list, but all the content that’s supposed to be inside it is just below it, and I can’t seem to drag it into the list

feels like the notion importer in general is really buggy… it’s really difficult for me to get all my data and notes in

Hi @Fol_Eso :blush: !

By the “notion importer” do you mean the Notion Pack build and maintained by Leandro Zubrezki ? :blush:

or the native Notion importer ?

If it’s the latter, I guess you could this to the Coda Support :blush:

the native one, the notion pack works great from my testing, i’ll also send it to Coda Support but i’ll keep the thread up in case any one else has this issue too

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