Other Types of Signup


Can anyone give a heads-up on when non-Google signup will be possible? I want people to be able to populate a document which I have developed (I have a Google account), but they just have a corporate non-Google email address.


Dylan Erens

Hi Dylan,

We plan to work on non-Google signup later this year, probably starting with SAML-based SSO and then moving onto generic username/password with 2FA support.

The complicating factor here is all of our document permissions are stored in Google Drive; when a user signs in with something other than a Google token, we can’t talk to Google from our servers. So, we need to build an in-house replacement for the parts of Google Drive we rely on - permissions, search, user deprovisioning handling, etc. For hopefully obvious reasons, customers who decide to use a non-Google sign in mechanism won’t get GDrive integration.


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