Possible To Make Text Field On Cards Appear In A Bubble?

Confusing title; basically I’m curious if it is possible to display text and other field types on the card view in the same way that a table item appears. ie in the nice little bubble as seen in the image. image

I seem to remember seeing a video that showed how to do this with a formula (list maybe?), but cannot remember where

The bubble usually means that the column is filled via a lookup. This distinguishes it from an ordinary text column.


Hi @Demetrius_Bolduc , as @Piet_Strydom said that one should be a link to an external object, in this case a table or a row, but it is an “active” link, meaning that if you hover upon it you should get a preview of the object.

I would say that if you need those functions of being a “smart” field you could try to move your content inside a row and then link that one in the field (using a formula for dynamic use or a link for a static one)

In alternative, i would use this case as a suggestion for improving the cards layouts for the future, directed to @coda-team (:slight_smile:), and the next question off course is “How would you use this feature?” or “How this feature could help you and other users to improve their docs?”

My personal answer is that i’m waiting for the new layout possibilites (ex. multi column dashboards, more design possibilities etc) and then i’ll understand how to properly design my User Interfaces

A fast suggestion would also be: did you tried the conditional formatting for fields? Those options add a little bit of colour and style to your cards (and others) :slight_smile:

I have done this before using a simple cheat. I created a separate table just to hold the ‘bubbled’ text. Link to that table using column-type LOOKUP wherever you want to have text bubbled.

Here is a sample document to demonstrate

I hope that helps