Possible to swap out (consistently structured) table using the same summary stats?

I want to us the same summary template (e.g., sums, counts, uniquecounts, etc) but for different data sets that are pulled from a business intelligence system in a consistent structure. Currently I’m manually editing one summary metic at a time–replacing the reference to the old table/data with the new. Is there any way to automate/streamline that?

Dear @Kent_Libbey,

Not sure if I understand your question well.

What comes up in my head is, when you have your data in a table, to add a button column that when pushed copies the relevant columns to the summary template.

Otherwise try to create a dummy doc, where you make a simple current situation sample, with information what outcome you expect. :bulb:

I am sure the community and the Codans will be able to give you a solution the soonest :handshake:


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