Protecting agains unhiding pages by non doc makers

It looks like any user can start a 2 week trial, become a document maker, and unhide all hidden pages.
Is there a way to protect against it?
I know about filtering tables, hiding columns, and creating an empty layout with the “No Access” display column workaround. But still, it doesn’t look right that the user can raise his own access rights without asking permission from doc owner.

Anyone with edit

I think if you change these hidden (dangerous) default settings only Dokmakers you define can change the permissions.


My complaint is about unhiding, not unlocking. An editor without unlocking rights can unhide all pages if he promotes himself into the DocMaker trial.

If you share a doc and give the user edit rights, they can unhide pages. If you give them view rights, I am pretty sure they can’t.

It is not ideal, but hidden pages are not very safe as it is (not safe for hiding data), so think twice before using Hide page for security.

It’s also very easy to find hidden pages even if you’re not a dock maker, so don’t hide pages as a security measure

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