Pulling a variable from large blocks of text

We have some reports exporting into Coda rows and I wanted to extract specific variables in the middle of them. The format is always the same but the length and placement of the variables can be different each time. Things liek serial numbers and usernames are not a standard length so using consistent numbered placement/length is tricky. I feel like I’m one added command away from getting but between regexextract, middle(), and find() I can’t really crack it.

Link to example table

Hi it’s Ok :slight_smile:

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Do you always know what variables you are looking for…like Joker, but the serial numbers could be variable?

This looks great! But why does it work the way it does?

I think the ‘villains’ examples we can populate a search list. Serial Numbers and Names are unquantifiable…

When retyping the formula into different tables I’m consistently getting a blank due to ‘.First()’ not working as it does in our example. I can’t tell why?

I’ve built it according to the structure you present. Are the line breaks going to change?

That’s what I thought…

You can apply RegexExtract(), it is out of beta and works fine.