Quick add to a table from a lookup - a conundrum!

Interesting one - and looking for a way around an issue.
I have a contacts table with first name and last name separate. I then add them together as a way to easily look up people in another table (projects table for instance!)
However, since it is a formula that adds the first and last name together, and it is the formula column that is looked up in the projects table, one cannot use quick-ad. I was going around in circles trying to figure out why quickadd wasn’t working when it WAS enabled on the column. Finally logic prevailed.

But this leaves me without important funcitonality.
In my projects view, I can quick add a company, but I cannot quick add a person. Instead, I need to navigate to the contacts page, add the contact there, and go back to my projects page. A pain point!

Can anyone think of a way around this?

So - the people tab in my project :

The setup of my contacts table :

Being unable to quick-add a contact (its looking up the combined first name / surname. There’s no point doing it just by surname… a lot of the time you use a first name to jog your memory of a surname and vice versa :

And here’s quick add working fine on the client (where its NOT a formula column thats being looked up!)

I’d love to figure out a way around this! Many thanks.

Hey Brendan!

I think your best friend in this situation would be a button to “Add Contact” which is linked to an expanded modal of your contacts table. You can even create a different view for adding a contact from a project than you might have on your regular contact page/table.

Here are some useful resources:

@Paul_Danyliuk Providing useful tips as usual. Although I personally had issues with UID so I used a different method that still relied on Row ID:

RunActions(AddRow([TABLE], [COLUMN],"value"),_Noop()._Delay(0),OpenWindow(concat("https://coda.io/d/thereallylongurlcodaprovidesfortheview/r",[Table].RowId.Last(),"&modal=true")))

In the above formula I added a row to a table and set a checkbox value to true - then the formula waited a bit because of the _Noop()._Delay(0) then I used OpenWindow() with the link to the specific view I wanted and used the RowID of the latest item.

A bit of a hack in this example with the delay, but it worked well enough for my specific circumstances.

Hope this helps!