Revenue by Quarters and then by year

Hi Helpful Coda Community,

I have a relatively easy question that somehow I am getting stumped by (I think it’s my transition from Excel to Coda).

I have a table with the columns: Project Name, Q1 Revenue, Q2 Revenue, Q3 Revenue, Q4 Revenue, Total Revenue.

I’d like to show this in a bar chart with revenue on y axis, quarters and total on the x axis, and then ideally each bar could be stacked by in different colors by project (like below, created in excel).

Somehow I’m not able to easily do this in Coda.

Any suggestions here. I’ve made a dummy file with the data here Revenue by quarters

Thanks so much Coda friends!

I added a view of the table with some running total columns that you could reference. There is a way to stack records, but I’m not quite sure how to make that work with your table structure.

An alternative structure would be to have key/value pairs with a project column and a quarter column. I tried that but stacking the records doesn’t give you any sort of running total. If you were to use a running total combined with that, I think you could get it to work, but you might not be able to get it to segment by the contribution of each quarter.

I’m sure there is a better answer than this though.

Thanks for diving in. I like your thinking but this doesn’t solve it. Overall I want to see quarters and then total on the X axis.

I’ve attached a screenshot here that I quickly made in excel and put in file for reference too!!

Ok - that’s easier and makes sense. I’ve made that alternate table with the revenue by quarter with a row per project per quarter. This allows for proper segmenting and stacking.

My understanding is that you wanted a running total of revenue by product by quarter. I’ve added another table and chart below that you can reference.

There doesn’t seem to be a grand total capability, so you would need another “quarter” for the grand total.

Thanks for the thinking on this JonO but this alternative wont work for me. I want to have one project per line and enter revenue with start date and end date. I can then separate it into columns to get the quarter output.

hi @Andrew_Foote , like @JonO I see a structure like below, this one I added to the doc. Indeed in Coda you add info per row.

hope it helps, cheers, Christiaan

Hello @Andrew_Foote!
I modified the Coda you shared and added another section with roughly what you need, take a look!
Coda works best when you follow some principles of database design, so I designed the schema that I think will work best for your case.

I couldn’t manage to get the total bar at the end tough


I gave it a try again today and managed to accomplish what you need!
Check you file again on the second section “Revenue by Quarters SG”


Thanks @Saul_Garcia for the good effort here!

I really like the view at the top! However, the challenge is right now the UI is quarter centric. I’d like it to be project centric if possible. (i.e. i’d like my team to enter the project start, end date, and total revenue, and then it can be amortized over the lifespan of the project. We will have a 20+ projects (that last anywhere from 12-36 months, start and end dates change regularly) so entering revenue by quarter wont be possible

It seems I need a way to formulaically transpose the data? Or could sub tables work in this case? Overall this seems like a pretty straightforward use case and thinking there should be an easier solution - Keep the ideas coming and appreciate all the support so far!