Select Dropdown - Option that filters for a combination of other options

Is it possible to include an option in a select dropdown that filters for a combination of multiple options?
My current dropdown options:


I would like to add another option to this dropdown called “Current.”
“Current” would filter only the rows marked as “Ongoing,” “Confirmed,” “Lead,” or “Proposal.”
Rows marked “Past” or “Dead” would be filtered out.

Is this possible? Table example here:

Dear @Chris_Woehrle,

Is this workable for you:

Thanks for this, Jean-Pierre.
It’s close, but not quite what I need (which may not be possible).

I need the ability to select from three views:

  • All rows
  • Only rows marked “Current”
  • Only rows of a particular Event Status (Ongoing, Confirmed, Lead, Proposal, Past, or Dead)

I’d also like to avoid using the multi-select dropdown - it’s not the most “client-friendly” UI.

Not sure if it’s possible to meet those demands, but I’ll keep trying.
Any ideas welcome - thanks!

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Hi @Chris_Woehrle.

is this something working for your use case?

Not super-cool for the polymorphic nature of the solution, but at the same time quite extensible and consistent.

Let me know if it helps.

Sorry: updated sharing permissions

Thanks, Federico - this is an elegant solution - very nice!
In the end, I found a way to do everything the client wants without the extra lookup table.
The new solution uses a SwitchIf formula to achieve the three requested views:

[Event Status].Contains("Ongoing","Confirmed","Lead","Proposal"),
[Event Status].Matches(EventStatusSelect))

@Federico_Stefanato and @Jean_Pierre_Traets – thanks so much for your time and effort to help with my problem. It’s valuable to see how others approach these things, and always expands my perspective.



Hi @Chris_Woehrle,

I’m happy we were helpful and that you found your own solution :bulb:

I’d just add a couple of words as a light warning: be aware that every time that you put explicit reference to your formulas, you risk to compromise the overall consistency.
Maybe this not the case and it’s OK.

But anytime you need to add/modify the list of status/categories, you have to change the code accordingly.
This is usually not a good practice, and it’s the reason why I added an attribute to the lookup table: you might change it anytime and it will keep working.

Again, keep up with what you think it’s best, but be careful of hardcoded values.

Meanwhile, enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the insight here, @Federico_Stefanato.
I hadn’t considered that as an issue, so I’m glad to be aware of it.
Thanks again for all the help!

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