Sharing a link to a single document

Is there a way to share a link to a single document - without the viewer seeing all of the sub-documents in the side menu?

Screenshot 2022.08.22 - ComfortDelGro Australia - RAD · Wording for service announcements - Google Chrome

Dear @Steven_Kryger ,

It’s not clear in what context you are questioning this, but:

It is possible to hide some of the pages in your document, so they won’t catch the eye.
You can do that as in the screenshot below:

Just be aware that only makers will be able to un-hide these pages, and that when un-hidden everybody will see them again.


So when it’s only to filter out the “noise” it’s a good solution and something in almost 100% of my documents I am doing this.

Thank you, this helps.

I’d like to share links to individual docs with clients, but for them not to be able to see all of the sub-pages. However, hiding the docs makes it difficult for me to edit - I then need to ‘unhide’ when I want to use the other docs.

Is there a better way for me to go about this?

Dear @Steven_Kryger ,

If it’s only to share certain content from one or more pages of your doc, depending on the use case, you could consider to copy them to a new doc and share this doc with your customer.

Of course it’s important to keep the naming convention of your docs in a self explanatory way, just for yourself to be able to identify each doc.


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