Sharing fails every time


Every time i try to set a share to allow anyone with a link, i get this:

Any idea how to fix?


Dear @Matt_Williams_technovangelist

At this moment “Anyone with a link” has no access, meaning no need to have the link.
While selecting an other sharing option as in the *.gif below should solve the issue

Kind regards,


Yes, but every time I change the permission for everyon with a link i get the error:


I see, better to get in contact with the team from Coda :hammer_and_wrench:


@Matt_Williams_technovangelist - can you send me the doc url in a private message. This most likely happens if your domain settings don’t allow this but happy to dig in.


Looking at our logs it appears it is a domain setting that is preventing it. To confirm can you ask your domain admin or create a google doc and try to share it with “everyone” via drive settings. That should fail too.


that was it. Normally I would use my work account but for this testing I have been using my personal google account. I went into the Google Admin and made sure sharing allowed me to share outside of my domain. All works now.