Shipment Task Manager, with Independent and Master Controlled Tasks

Hi all,

I am new to Coda and can see some great things that can come from this.

I am stuck trying to create a project template, where there are a set amount of tasks which is carried through all our customers.

So we distribute products through shipping containers, and we have about 15 different customer’s products within the container. We would like to have a “Master” task template for our office team, but also the same tasks for each “Individual” customer. So we want to be able to individually tick specific tasks for customers (eg. Prepare Order), but also if the “Master” is ticked then it would automatically tick all the same named tasks for all 15 customers in the container.

We would also need this to be repeated when we have another container, and another set of new customers.

I have begun doing this in Coda, and hope to be able to post it here for reference.

Thanks, Adrian.